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CONFIRMED: Matthew Berdyck Stole Metallica’s New York Times

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James Holmes Massacre

I was in Denver when the shooting broke out.  I spent the entire week, after the shooting, creating this short film to advocate for people to donate to a relief fund for the victims and victim’s families.  

Did you know there are 1,300 Superfund toxic waste sites on the EPA’s National Priorities List?

Matthew Berdyck on ABC News – Cleveland

I went on TV to fight to clean up a toxic waste site that was in my childhood neighborhood of Castle Homes, a EPA Superfund toxic waste dump, filled with live bombs and toxic waste, that we’d played in as children.  


Blame Reagan (2013)

Blame Reagan is the first-ever first-person immersion documentary about homelessness in film history. Matthew Berdyck, a former disabled person, gave up his home to live on the streets of dozens of cities, all across the west coast, to give the public a graphic account of the day to day struggles and internal monologue of a chronic legally disabled homeless person.

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